Registration for next school year

Registration for school year 2024/2025

Dear students and parents, thank you for being part of our piano school. We believe you are finishing this school year with richer musical knowledge and experience, more repertoire and many pleasant moments spent at the piano! We are looking forward to continue working with you in the next school year!

Tuition for School Year 2024/2025

Lesson duration 1x weekly 30 min (children up to 7 years) 45 min 60 min 90 min
Half-years Tuition (18 lessons) 8 100 CZK 12 600 CZK 16 200 CZK 23 400 CZK
Half-years Tuition – 2 instalments 2x 4 500 CZK 2x 7 000 CZK 2x 9 000 CZK 2x 13 000 CZK
calculated price for 1 lesson 450 CZK 700 CZK 900 CZK 1 300 CZK

Application - school year 2024/2025 - fill out by 31. 5. 2024!!!

Instructions for filling in the application:

  • Fill in your billing information and check that it is correct.
  • Don’t forget to fill in the name of the student (yours or your child’s). If there are more members from your family coming to us, please fill in the names of all students.
  • In case of attendance of more family members, it is necessary to pay the reservation fee for each member separately – change the number of pieces of the reservation fee in the form according to reality.

Thank you and see you in the new school year as well!