Binding reservation for new students

Binding reservation for new students

Dear people interested in piano lessons at Piano School Prague,

In order for you to be able to register with us and to reserve the date in the schedule of our teachers, we have prepared a form for you in which you can book a slot on your chosen day and time, according to the available options of our schedule.

Detailed information about the prices of our piano lessons in the school year 2021/2022 and the teaching conditions can be found at this page.

Filling the form

  • Browse the free dates for piano lessons in the form below on this page – they are listed according to the teachers, days and free times for lessons.
  • The time of the lesson stated in the form is indicative, the exact schedule will be compiled according to the available information at the beginning of September 2020, so that the schedule is convenient for the teacher and there is room for breaks between individual lessons. Please allow for a possible deviation of 15-20 minutes.
  • The cost of the binding reservation includes one introductory lesson lasting 45 minutes with the teacher of your choice.
  • Please include the following information in the note in the form: child / adult (+ age for children!) and level of play (beginner, intermediate, advanced).

Next steps

  • After completing your order, we will contact you regarding the date of your introductory lesson with the selected teacher.
  • We will plan the introductory lesson according to the time availability of you and the teacher before the beginning of the new school year, no later than the first week in September 2020
  • During the introductory lesson you will get to know the teacher, you will find out if the teaching corresponds to the requirements and ideas on both sides. If you are satisfied, we will send you the application to our piano school, work out with you everything regarding getting a piano for your home practice, and from September 2020 you will start regular classes in the new school year.
  • After the introductory lesson we will contact you about your satisfaction and registration for regular lessons in the school year 2020/2021

Important information about our teachers – please read!

Not all of our teachers specialise in all ages or levels of play. The methodology of teaching young children is very different compared to adults. Therefore, it is important that you first go through the information about the teachers whose vacancies are on offer and apply for a teacher who specialises in your age category (small child / older child / teenagers / adults) and your level of play (beginner / intermediate / advanced).

We strive to ensure that the cooperation between our teachers and students is set up optimally from the beginning, brings joy at the piano at both sides and benefits our students as much as possible.

Teacher Vartan Agopian

– teaches adolesents from 14 years of age and adult students
– focuses on intermediate and advanced students

Teacher Giora Kukui

– teaches adult students
– focuses on all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Teacher Gleb Korotkiy

– teaches children from 7 years of age, adolescents and adult students
– focuses on all levels: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Giora Kukui

– teaches adult students
– focuses on levels: beginner, intermediate

Introductory lesson reservation