Hygiene measures until further notice

Dear parents and students,

from 27.4.2020 the government allows operation in establishments up to 200 m2, which are not in shopping malls. This means that this also applies to our premises in Blanická, where we have our piano school. We are not under the Ministry of Education, so we are concerned about scalds for companies, not for schools. We are very much looking forward to live lessons with you again! 🙂

In order to keep the teaching as safe as possible, we ask you to follow these hygiene measures in the coming weeks until further notice, which will help protect you and our instructors. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in complying with them for the time strictly necessary before the threat of a new virus becomes a thing of the past.

FACE MASKS. For the entire duration of the lesson, our tutors and all students (including young children and their accompaniment) will wear a face mask.

HYGIENE. All our students wash their hands with soap in our bathroom, which will be unlocked for this purpose. Instructors also wash their hands and disinfect the keyboard before each lesson.

ACCOMPANYING TO LESSONS. This is especially for our little pupils. Please make sure they are accompanied by only one adult sitting on the sofa. Unless it is strictly necessary for the parent to attend the lesson, please leave the child alone in the lesson, so as few people as possible are in the same room.

HEALTH. If you feel sick, you or the children will have a fever, any symptoms of colds, etc., please do not go to live lessons and stay at home. The same goes for our lecturers.

Thank you!